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It never fails. Whenever the weather forecast mentions a turn for the worse, and area meteorologists are at their busiest keeping abreast of the latest watches, warnings, closures and cancellations, people pick up the phone and want to know what travel conditions are like from one place to another. In spite of warning symbols and messages crawling across the bottom of the TV screen advising no travel, some people still insist on hitting the road regardless of the danger posed to themselves and others by doing so. I used to be one of those people, until a South Dakota blizzard woke me up to the grim reality of failing to heed the warnings. I very nearly lost my life that day, and I will not make the mistake of underestimating the power of a severe winter storm again. When no travel is advised, don't travel. It's that simple.
Nonetheless, there are times, especially in the winter months, when a person wants to know the latest road and travel conditions. Most states that have any kind of winter weather offer road and travel information via telephone. Below is a list of telephone numbers you can call to get this information. The recordings are updated as necessary, and the information provided is the same information that media sources get so you have access to what the radio and television stations in your area do. Please keep in mind, however, that weather and road conditions can change very rapidly in the Black Hills region. No information received by phone, TV or radio should substitute for knowing your driving limitations, the limitations of your vehicle, and using common sense.

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